Saturday, July 25, 2015

Even though, I'm thirty-something, I still get the First Day of School Jitters!

This week, I started a brand spanking new position at a rather large children’s toys/games/entertainment company here in Los Angeles.  My role is the Head of U.S. Human Resources.  I truly believe that this role was MEANT for me.  From the very first time I heard about it three months ago, I had a feeling.  During my first phone screen, I had a feeling.  All the way through the interview process, I had a feeling but kept focusing and hoping.  Clearly, I’m a bit intuitive, but not usually with specific regard to my own life.  Anyway, I am blessed, grateful, and appreciative to have this amazing opportunity.

This week was tough.  I want to already be the best performer ever – the downside of being a perfectionist and straight A valedictorian.  Oh yea, it’s called a severe over achiever, right.  Got it! 

It’s always overwhelming the first few weeks/months at any new job.  Going through this a few times before, you would think that one might be accustomed to this entrance period, but not so much.  The feelings of curiosity quickly shifted into feelings of frustration.  It is very easy to objectively see the challenges, issues, and battles for the future.  There is sooo much work to be done and I know I can do it.  Even saying that over and over didn’t seem like enough. 

This whole week, I received a great deal of encouragement and support from my friends and family.  Thank you all for that!  And thank you to those of you who would have commented if you had known.

Sometimes I wish I truly had a crystal ball to see my own future.  I wish, being a psychic, it would be that easy, to no avail.  This gift, at least in my life and understanding, is for others who most need it.

Here’s the best I got today: 
-       Take it one day at a time.
-       Slow your roll a bit.
-       Take an extra beat prior to making major decisions.
-       Be curious and more curious and more curious.  Stay curious even when frustration sets in.
-       You will add value soon enough.  You will add value soon enough.  Repeat.
-       I can and will affect change.
-       Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I look forward to week two and week three.  Let’s see what I can do to help them.


1)  I am most excited to be working on my bereavement/grief workshop for the American Widow Project.
2)  I just booked a vacation to Iceland (with my new man) for my birthday this year in September.  I haven't been on a vacation longer than two days in I don't know how long.  So excited.
3)  Kristen Bell is my hero of this week.  Just saying.  Watch the video here.

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