Friday, May 29, 2015

A Little Bit of Inspiration From Me to You...

Who's got that #FridayFeeling???!!!

Here's an excerpt from my "talk" earlier this week when speaking about reducing the stigma around Mental Health at #CommerceLibrary, presented/sponsored by #ProjectReturn.

Most of you probably don't know, but when I was 8 years old, I was diagnosed with a Severe Learning Disability.  I spent the better part of one year in Special Ed classes.  This was before the times of positive reinforcement and empowering the child to excel.  Nope, instead, these ladies told me exactly like it was.  

They told me I would be lucky to graduate from high school and I would most likely never go to college.  You know what I did?  I graduated high school in 3 years, was valedictorian of my class, and went to a 4-year liberal arts college, Sarah Lawrence College where I studied Performing Arts and Languages.  Speaking of languages, I wanted to travel the world even when I was 8 years old.  They told me I needed to perfect English prior to learning any other languages.  You know what I did?  I spent my junior year abroad in Ecuador, learning fluent Spanish, and continuing my studies in French, Italian, and later learned Portuguese.

I wanted to work in a fancy office building in downtown Boston, just like my dad.  They laughed at me.   You know what I do know?  I am the Senior Director of Human Resources at a Social Media agency.  Next, I'll be gunning for a global VP role at a multinational corporation.

My learning disability was such that I could not structure a story appropriately in a sequential and chronological order.  At 8 years old, I wanted to write children's books.  I was and still am obsessed with children's books.  They told me I would NEVER ever be an author, so what did I do?  I have authored one book, writing two currently, and have 9 more in my mind.

You see...I had two options with my diagnosis.  I could let it DEFINE me or I could DEFY it!

(Then I spoke about some FAMOUS FAILURES... Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, and Lionel Messi.)
For example, Lionel Messi, the famous footballer.  At 11 years old, he was cut from the soccer team because he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency, which kept him unusually smaller in stature than others.  This did not destroy him, or hinder him in any way.  Nope, instead, it empowered him to challenge everything and move on to win 3 FIFA World Championships.  Those Famous Failures defied all odds and circumstances.  

A diagnosis is just one piece of the pie and one tiny piece of who you are.  I believe a diagnosis can be a gift.  It's a gift because you are well aware of your weaknesses.  Hell, all of us are aware of our weaknesses.  Now, my question to you is what are your STRENGTHS?  How do you outshine everyone else?  What sets you apart from all of the rest?  Focus on those questions.  Find those answers.

Remember, you can do whatever you want in this life!  Blow those naysayers away!  Blow their fucking socks off!  Exceed their wildest expectations of you!

Do you know that YOU are here for a much bigger purpose than you could possibly imagine?  

My challenge for you is to lead by example, be unbreakable, never give up, and constantly empower and inspire others to know better, be better, and do better!  That is my challenge for you!

I’ll leave you with this quote from Dr. Wayne Dwyer: 
You attract what you are, not what you want.   (Repeat to yourself as needed)

By all means, if you want to attract silence and peace.  Be silent and peaceful.
But if you want to attract the AMAZING, the EXTRAORDINARY, and the INCREDIBLE, then be AMAZING, EXTRAORDINARY, and INCREDIBLE.

On this Earth, you are the master of your own fate!  You define you - no one else.  So, the next time someone tells you you can’t do something.  You turn right around and say, WATCH ME!

1)  My "talk" above went very very well.  I will have a video for the above talk in the near future.  
2)  Have you heard about this #DBirthdayConcert in the Philippines?  Amazing!
3)  Why didn't anyone tell me it was #NationalBiscuitDay today.  Damn!
4)  Take one minute for yourself today.  Stare out a window or walk outside and take three deep breaths and be thankful you are alive.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

FIVE essential items to remember when Someone's Going Through It!!

I dedicate this blog to the young mother for whom I just read.  Her family is going through something big and nasty.  You have so much strength and so much to share.

You deserve better!  You deserve more!  And you are awesome!

Hi everyone!  I have identified the following 5 items to remember when someone, you KNOW and LOVE, is going THROUGH IT!

1)  Breathe
It is a common human affliction that when we get excited, sad, or devastated, we all forget to breathe.  This is such an easy problem to fix, but so hard to remember when life occurs.  Breathe and breathe often.

2)  Listen
Be the best listener EVER!  Be quiet.  Be present with them.  Acknowledge and sympathize.  Listen beyond the superficial noise and see what's really going on.

3)  Use Your Knowledge
In the face of someone else's adversity, draw upon your experiences, your tragedies, and your feelings.  Be, for them, the person that you wished was there for you.  Say, to them, everything you wished was said to you.  Do, for them, what others might or might not have done for you.

4)  Share Your Story
Connection, understanding, and compassion are quite regularly under-estimated and under-appreciated qualities, yet so powerful when someone's going through it!   Your story and your truth will not only help them, but invite them to feel as if they are not alone.  People have gone through this exact same situation and have lived to be better people, stronger humans, and better advice-giving friends.

5)  Follow up
This is a secret to which I'm letting you in.  Always follow up.  One hour later.  The next day.  Two days later.  One week later.  Show them that you truly care about their losses just as much as their wins.

Listen to them.  Encourage them.  Be present with them.  Empower them.

That's it for now, folks!  Until next time...


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Thursday, May 14, 2015

If the dead could speak: 4 things they would say?

Life, in general, is a crazy journey of unexpected twists and turns.  Readings, as a medium, are exactly the same.  You never quite know what’s going to happen.

As a medium, I constantly have to remind myself that it’s not about me.  This means that it’s not about getting the most specific detail or it’s not about becoming overly emotional when a sincere message of love is expressed.  Nope.  It’s about the person sitting across from me as well as the spirit with whom we have connected.   Actually, it’s up to the spirit and their divinely informed and guided agenda.

Here are some of the most common messages that nearly everyone wants to know:

1)  I am at peace.

“There is nothing but peace.”  One day, when a spirit gave me that message, I truly thought that was the most profound and simple message about their state of being.  It has been confirmed to me on many occasions that everyone enjoys peace on the other side.  Even if they have work to do, they still exist in peace.  Such a cool thought, eh?

2)  There is no more pain.  My body is my temple.

Unfortunately, a hefty percentage of people die from dis-ease or debilitating and painful conditions.  If that is the case, the spirits will ALWAYS present themselves in the best physical condition possible (usually at a much younger age), and make it crystal clear to me for interpretation purposes.  For example, walking, if the person was non-ambulatory at the end.  Sometimes… they will even highlight the aura of their body and give me a thumbs up!  Communication with spirits is always interesting.

3)  I didn’t feel anything.

“There was no pain when I crossed over.”  Apparently, when you die, it’s just like falling to sleep.  You don’t even realize it’s happening.  If the spirit died instantly or quickly, they always comment on how they didn’t feel any pain or it happened so fast that they didn’t even have time to process what had happened.  In those cases, they usually express that certain deceased family members or friends greeted them to help support their transition.

4)  I can hear you! 

“I might not respond in the way that you recognize but I’m here.”  Two weeks ago, I gave a reading to a young widow and mother.  I kept feeling as if she either gave Tarot card readings or was a poker dealer at a casino.  When I asked the significance of her playing cards, she collapsed in relief, anguish, and happiness.  When she collected herself, she told me that, every night, she deals out a deck of cards and asks her deceased husband to move them.  He wanted me to tell her that he is not going to move the cards, but he would visit her in her dreams.  I thought that was a fair trade.  She, on the other hand, slightly amused, was not too excited about it. 

That particular reading was one of my best to date.  I am oh so grateful for those readings and look forward to many many more with such accuracy and significance.

Disclaimer:  All of the above statements are my own beliefs based upon the countless readings I have given over the past twenty-four months.


1) I am jones'ing to go Ziplining again in Southern California.  Anyone know of any amazing places?

2) Something you need to know prior to any reading is…it might not be what you (the client) WANT to hear, but it is what you NEED to hear.

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Special Mother's Day Tribute!!

Good Afternoon!  I wanted to do something a little different for Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, May 10, 2015.  Don’t forget!!

Every year when Mother’s Day rolls around, I always send four cards to the first four ladies in my life.  Relatives only.  In the spirit of #WordsThatDontGetUsedEnough, here are a couple of the unique words or phrases I would use to describe them.

1 - My Grandma
Matriarch; Giving; Gentle; One-of-a-Kind; Remarkable; AND… My Italian Nonni!

2 - My Sister
All of the above, plus: Beautiful; Caring; Patient; Incredible; Amazing; Lives for her kids; Much stronger than she believes; AND… My Reality Check!

3 - My Aunt
All of the above, plus: Wonderful; Delightful; Kindhearted; Incomparable; Extraordinary; Selfless; Lovely; Mani/Pedi-mate; Thoughtful; AND… My Bosom Buddy!

4 - My Mom
All of the above, plus: Sweet; Compassionate; Magnificent; Understanding; Unparalleled; Exceptional; Generous; Humane; One of my best friends; AND… My Soulmate!

I know and love so many amazing mothers.  I want to take a moment to be grateful and to be in complete AWE for all mothers out there.   Shout out to my amazing friends who are also mothers from New Hampshire to New York, from Germany to California, especially including my BFFs here in Los Angeles and the OC.

One last thought.  This is for those that haven’t spoken to their mothers in quite some time.  No matter what happened.  No matter whether you are right or wrong.  Reach out on Mother’s Day.  Just do it.  Sometimes, it’s just that simple to re-start communication.

On that note, I read for a great deal of daughters who have lost their mothers.  Trust me, there is nothing in the world like a mother.

Happy Mother’s Day to All!


1)  Sad news.  One of my original goats, Vincent Van Goat, passed away this week.  So Sad.

2)  I think it’s probably time for a great medium story.  Stay tuned for next week…

3) #SMILE4Mom - Mother’s Day Contest.  If you have a mother you know that could use either a psychic or medium reading, please use the hashtag #SMILE4Mom on Twitter or Facebook within the next week.  Your hashtag reference will enter you to win a free reading for the special mother in your life, whether it be a friend, sister, cousin, or your actual mother.

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