Thursday, April 23, 2015

So, what is mediumship?? - The Myths vs. Facts! (Part Two)

It’s always interesting…the moment someone finds out or remembers that I am a psychic medium.  Their expression always shifts and then, you just never know what’s going to come out of their mouth next.  Never a dull moment.  I therefore thought it would be entertaining to dispel some of the myths and share some little known truths.  Ready?

1 – How come you don’t know your own future? – I believe this is a similar question to why don’t you win the lottery?  Doh!  In my limited time doing this, I believe the benefits of these gifts are for others and not meant for personal gain. 
Also, what fun would it be, if I knew what was going to happen.  I definitely have intuitive feelings about certain situations in my own life, but not as much as you might think, or, more accurately, not as much as I might want.

2 - Will I levitate? – No.  I won’t levitate, but that would be cool.  I do, however, sweat a bunch when I do readings.  I have been told it’s due to the frequency (energy-wise) of which I am rising my inner temperature in order to connect with beings outside of our physical realm. 

(Too esoteric?  I’ll try and rein it back a little.)

3 - What’s up with your eyes? – Okay…to be honest, it’s a bit challenging for me to focus when I am essentially in the middle of conversations with two or three spirits simultaneously, while interpreting, and finally, having an intelligible give and take conversation with my client.   My unseen friends have the habit of hijacking my thoughts and flooding my mind with images, visions, words, etc…  It’s therefore challenging to keep it all straight (sort of speak).  Your eyes would be distracted too!

4 - Does it just happen overnight? No.  I wish!!  Just like in all the Hollywood movies, one must develop these abilities.  So, the coolest thing for me is that you never stop growing and learning.  For example, all of a sudden, last year, I started to be able to speak with unborn children aka the babies inside of their mommies’ tummies.  That completely caught me off guard.

5 - Are readings for the clients only? – Not at all.  I was surprised to uncover that sometimes the reading provides poignant insights and unexpected opportunities for the deceased loved one/spirit just as much as for the client sitting in front of me.  Sometimes even more.

At the end of the day, this is not exactly a “Carol Ann, walk to the light” sort of business.  I am in a constant state of discovery, surprise, humility, and learning.  It is the most fascinating and rewarding journey of my life.

1.  This week, my body told me that it has had enough and needs rest, so... I got sick.  Ugh.  Yay!  Don’t quite know the right emotion to feel. 
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