Monday, March 24, 2014


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If you visited to on Monday, March 24, you probably noticed that Ms. Dorothy Irene Height was being honored as her 102nd birthday.  I am often intrigued by their tributes.  Monday was no let down.  She was/is a powerhouse!

Dorothy Irene Height (March 24, 1912 - April 20, 2010) - Five facts you need to know.

1.  She was the President of the National Council for Negro Women!
2.  She was kicked out of Barnard because she was black.
(Apparently, she was accepted, but before the semester began, she was advised that they had already filled the black student quota. [Woah!]  So, she applied to New York University, where she earned a Bachelors and a Master's degree.  Clearly, their loss.)
3.  She won the Presidential Medal of Freedom and the Congressional Gold Medal!
4.  She stood next to Martin Luther King Jr. for his iconic "I Had a Dream" Speech!  [Sooo cool]
5.  Obama called her "The Godmother of the Civil Rights Movement"!

For a little bit more about her, visit this beautiful article at

Take a deep breath.  What have you done today?  The above makes me feel like I have soooo much more to do in my life.  At the same time it overwhelms me and fills me with some feelings of frustration, it also gives me hope that it might take me fifty (50) more years to accomplish even a fraction of what Ms. Dorothy Irene Height achieved in her incredible life of ninety-eight years.

It reminds me that patience is so important and, lately, I have had so little.

1)  I found a mentor to help me with my mediumship.  I am so excited.  She is wonderful!
2)  This weekend I went to Ojai, Ca and Santa Barbara, CA.  It was AWESOME!  And I had one of the most delicious meals ever at The Blue Tavern.  It was also one of the most enjoyable with readings, laughter, and some old friends and some new ones.  KDubbs - my intention was right on!
3)  Remember, the Best is ALWAYS yet to come.  I don't say it enough.

A Smile From The Inside Production :)

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