Monday, August 12, 2013


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KIDS are amazing!

Over the weekend, I got some much needed R&R by the pool.  There were children everywhere, jumping, diving, shouting, screaming, even catching blue-bellied lizards.  It was incredible.  

We can learn so much about the goodness within our human nature by watching children play.  I wanted to share some of my observations of these truly magnificent creatures we call children.

1.  Kids can find fun ANYWHERE!

No matter what's going on, whether by themselves or in a group (which is obviously a little bit more fun), children, with their infinite imagination, can and will find the fun anywhere.  They can take a float and turn it into the greatest battleship ever or spin a floating tube until it becomes the world's worst tornado machine.  I need more of that type of imagination, don't you?

Idealism?  Realism?  Pessimism?  Don't get too caught up in those words.  Instead, Create and Create masterpieces!  Dream and Dream big!  Imagine and Imagine greatness!

2.  How to FIGHT and MAKE-UP properly.

Yesterday, I witnessed the incredible.  One minute kids are enemies and the next, they are best friends.  There were three little girls in the pool playing with some type of foam float.  In their game, they were flipping the float over and imagining they were on the vast blue Mediterranean Ocean (they were European, clearly).  One of the older girls was trying to protect one of the younger girls and held her down under the water for a bit too long.  The younger one came up, a bit frightened.  The younger girl yelled at the older, "Don't drown me again.  There's no need for that!  The older girl swiftly and quickly apologized once but supremely heartfelt.  The younger girl exhaled, "It's okay.  Let's do it again!  Only this time with bigger waves!"  

Now, that's how all adults should fight.  You did something to me.  Let me be honest and tell you like it is.  You apologize.  Together, we move on.  I understand, as adults, our disappointments and hurts can sometimes seem a bit more extreme than being drowned (not really though), but the same theory and the same steps apply.

3.  I'm bored.  Let's play something else!

When a child gets bored, they 1) Admit it to themselves; 2) Admit it out loud and to anyone listening; and then 3) Shift their emotions and invent another game to play.   This is brilliant.  Can't we all take a lesson from them here?

Bottom line:  Do what you love.  When anything gets boring, admit it to yourself, admit to anyone listening, then shift and do something else!

1)  When was the last time you examined your path in this world?  Anything boring in your life?
2)  When was the last time you cherished yourself as unique and magnificent?
3)  Sometimes I want to raise and inspire children so bad, it hurts!  I cannot wait!  I firmly believe that as much as I can learn from them, they can also inspire and teach me how to be a better human.

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A Smile From The Inside Production :)

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