Wednesday, May 22, 2013


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I'm tired.  I'm exhausted.  I have been working crazy hours with this new job and I just haven't quite figured out how to balance my life.  I wanted to touch base with you and share with you some lessons that I have re-learned of late.

1) Be a person of your word.
Be true to your word.   Be on time.  Make good on your promises.  Remember, your word is your honor. 

2) Fake it until you make it.
Let's face it, we all have issues with self-esteem and/or self confidence.  From time to time, we all could  do to pretend we are more confident than we actually are.  Choose wisely and pretend.  It may just work for you.

3) Know your tipping point.
In any situation whether it be with an "okay" boyfriend or a "comfortable" job, there will come a time when tough decisions will have to be made.  Know what your tipping point.  Make the tough decision.

4) Enjoy more.  Relax more.  And Take Naps.
Pretty self-explanatory, right?  I don't know about you, but I LOVE naps.  We could all do to take more of them.

5) Laugh...Often!
Laughter is healing medicine for the soul.  It can lift your spirits.  Beyond smiles, it can always brighten even the darkest of moments.

Take these lessons.  Apply them every day.

1)   I'm happy to report that I'm editing my second book!
2)  I think my radio interview went well on Tuesday.  I haven't heard otherwise yet.  The host even wanted to speak to me afterward.  Playing phone tag.  Perhaps more interviews?
3)  I want to thank my client this evening who was the inspiration for this blog.

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A Smile From The Inside Production :)

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