Wednesday, August 29, 2012


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To my fellow Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, and friends across the world,

Sometimes i don't want to be a Democrat.  Sometimes i don't want to have any political affiliation whatsoever.  Most of the time, i want to create my own political party.  These days i don't really know what to believe and it's all just exhausting.  Don't you agree?

Do you think Ann Romney really stole the show last night?  I don't.  I think her speech was a bit too all over the place.  That's what happens when you insist on writing the speech yourself and do NOT follow the advice of the professional and political speech writers around you.  Better luck next time.  She was supposed to inspire women to vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket.  Ugh.  Homegirl has been through a lot, but so have I.  And even I would accept the edits and suggestions from major political speech writers.

I gotta be honest.  I voted for Hilary Rodham Clinton, who i hope to GOD runs in 2016.  I gotta be even more honest, i'm disappointed with the way the last four years have gone.  Sure, there have been great strides, but there have also been some great falls.  And who's to say just how much of that is Obama's  responsibility versus the other guy who was in the hot seat before him.  (cute smile).

I wish we had a straight shooter; an honest person (male or female); someone who doesn't promise the world, and then under-deliver.  Why can't there be someone who says they'll do their best and then overwhelm and inspire us with the delivery of greatness?  I wish there were a party that could save a little money and spend a little money, be honest about it, and promise only to do what's best for everybody: win-win-win.  

And why can't we balance the budget?  Is it that hard?  What are we talking... 4 trillion?  5 trillion?  I would do wonders with their budgets.  In case you don't know, i LIVE for budgets!  They are hands-down one of my favorite things to do in Corporate America.  But i digress.

I really don't understand the government of the United States.  The Republicans work so hard just to conspire against the Democrats.  It seems like lately, that's all they do.  And the Democrats spend their time spending so much money while simultaneously attempting to balance the budget.  Neither party makes sense to me these days.  It's all about numbers, re-elections, and insults.  It's truly sad.

If it were up to Republicans, the rich would rule the world and the poor would walk the earth homeless.  There would be no equal rights and women would shut up already and return to raising their children.  If it were up to the Democrats, the middle class would be the one and only class, Universal Healthcare would rise and fall (because they would implement it too quickly), the pharma industry would collapse,  and they'd all be vacationing in Tahiti, complaining about how all they can afford is tap water, because they are on a budget.  I mean, really?  

Both sides seem kinda crazy to me.  Fiscally speaking, i clearly am more of an old-fashioned Republican, and socially speaking, i am much more of a new age Democrat.  In the eighteenth century, i would have agreed 100% with the Republicans, which are the modern day Democrats.  Don't worry though, i would never vote for Paul Ryan in a million years...but i'm not all that happy with Obama either.  Stick with the devil you know...some would say.

The debates will continue over the next few months and all of us might grow more bitter, more angry, and more cynical.  The Republicans will always be plotting against the Democrats...and the Democrats will always be too busy spending money to notice.  I wish there were another party out there.  Call it the true Universalist.  Someone who believes in doing what's best for everybody and not just making narrow-minded decisions in the hopes of winning their constituents' votes and/or re-election.  Someone who takes risks, apologizes when they make mistakes, and takes responsibility when responsibility needs to be taken.

Aren't you ready for someone like that?  I know i am.  Someone who has the idealistic nature to dream but is also realistic in the reality of the current situation and climate within which we find ourselves.  The United States of America used to be an amazing leader amongst the planet Earth.  I do my best every day to be a great example of the best of human kind and the best American-kind.  I hope someday soon we can all once again agree that the U.S.A. is undoubtedly the best country in the world and the true leader of the free world.  Not because we lead the world through fear or intimidation, but because we lead the world through inspiration, thought, and encouragement.  Thus, i say, please cut the defense budget by 1 trillion dollars.  Please instead spend that money on education, development, and the betterment of the United States.  For now, we'll just have to settle with the way things are.  The United States is what we make of it.   And always remember, it could always be worse...AND there's always room for improvement.

I firmly believe in being the best person and American you can be.  That speaks volumes to the world.  Don't you agree?

I'm tired, ornery, and have a bit of heat exhaustion.   Not to mention that my internet has been out for the past two hours.  Yuck!  Perhaps, that's the reason for the ranting and raving.  I do want to extend my sympathies and wish the Gulf Coast no more rain.  I also want to wish the rest of the country ALL of the rain possible to finish with the drought!

1) Next Wednesday, I'm taking cover photo shots for my book, How I Learned to Smile From The Inside.  Any suggestions?
2)  I ran a logo design contest for the Smile From The Inside logo and got some AMAZING logos.
3)  The book is now slated for a Halloween release.  Yay!!!  Will keep you updated.
4)  This week, i want you to think about Patience.  How much patience do you have nowadays?  I've been thinking a great deal about patience lately.  For some reason, my patience has been waning over the past few weeks.  It's time to step back into myself.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Where in the world is Mrs. Legitimate Rape???

Why do people say stupid things?  I thought women had the right to vote already!  And where the hell is Lulli Akin?

Here we are again.  Another stupid comment by another influential politico.  Ugh.  When will they learn?  Legitimate rape, really?  Are you fucking kidding me?   It angers me to no end.  I’m warning you now, I’m pissed.  There is absolutely no reason that that language “slipped out”.  In today’s age of ipads and speech writers, how could he possibly have made that mistake?   I contend he didn’t.  He meant to say it. 

No editor in their right-winged mind (pun intended) would allow that to pass through to the public.  He consciously chose those words.  He probably even thought it was brilliant.  And that’s even worse.  I am truly sickened.   Did you notice he’s not apologizing for what he said, he’s only apologizing that he misspoke?  I’m telling you…he still feels that way.  That’s the part I have the hardest time swallowing.  He really 100% feels that there is such a thing as a legitimate rape.  OK, I’ll stop using that word, because it’s absurd.

For God’s sake, even the Chairman of the Republican National Committee thinks his remarks were “stupid” and he should just “go away”.  At least the Chairman and I can agree on more than one thing…now there are two things.  LOL.

Here’s a bit of interesting background on Rep. Todd Akin, US Representative for Missouri’s 2nd Congressional Seat.  I think it always does a body good to get acquainted with the lives and tribulations of the enemy.  Born on July 5, 1947, just six days after my own father, this New York City born and raised young man clearly chose not to embrace the international and worldly spirit of New York, instead having a reverend for a father, he apparently learned that sexism is okay and women are inferior.  Gross.

After highschool, he went to WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) where he earned a degree in management engineering, then went on to get a Master of Divinity (I had no idea there was such a thing) Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis.  Soooo, he’s definitely not a stupid man.  He just makes stupid decisions and says stupid things.  He served in the Missouri National Guard, then as a U.S. Representative for 12 years, and has unfortunately stayed in politics since. 

Thank God this man, according to Wikipedia, does NOT have children.  If he does, I feel very sorry for them right now.

What I want to know is how did he get elected in the first place?  I mean, do you think women actually voted for him?  He’s apparently always been very vocal about his clearly chauvinistic and misogynistic views toward women.  I bet he truly believes that women are inferior.  I can’t even begin to think about how he feels about African-American, Gays, or even Latinos.  I would secretly love to chat with him about that too!

What frightens me and makes me happy (at the same time) is that people are now finally seeing the true colors of the far right-winged republicans, the scariest of the scary.  As you can see, I have little patience for all things discrimination and renders anyone as inferior to anyone else.  He’s probably done some good things throughout his life, but none of that matters now.  I truly hope more right-winged Republicans say more stupid things.  That way, by the intense reactions of other Republicans, we can distinguish between the scary Republicans and the more moderate ones.

According to Facebook, Twitter (all of his 6,523 followers), and CNN, Rep. Todd Akin has decided to continue his bid for the Republican Senate Seat for the great state of Missouri.  He also goes so far as to say the public and the media are over-reacting.  OMG.  Really?   You are the one who might want to consider respectfully resigning and laying low in Bali for a few years.

God help us all if he wins!  I’m pretty sure he, in the past 2 days, has lost 80% of the women votes he once maintained.  He’s already lost millions of dollars in sponsors in the past two days.  I truly hope the Missouri Senate Committee either rule to veto him from the continuation of his campaign or he loses by the largest margin EVER.  That way, he’ll go down in the Guinness Book of World Records for the worst loss in Missouri history.  Hehe!

And finally, where is Lulli Akin?  Do you think she is embarrassed?  Should she actually say something to the public?  Should she defend her husband?  Does she even want to?  I hope someone does a story quickly about her.  Well...have you seen a picture of her?  She looks like a lesbian.  uh oh. That's even more peculiar, don't you think?  I don't even know what that means!

You all know me by now, and I could write a beautifully crafted letter to him too, but I'm just not there today.  Here's my bitchy side.  Personally, and, in closing, I think he’s an idiot.  I have many other things to say, but let’s just leave it there.  It will be very interesting to see how this thing plays out!  

The End.


1) Forgive me that there was no Blog last week.  Even I get a vacation!  I wish i had a tan to show it!
2) My book is now slated for an October 15, 2012 release!  So exciting!!!
3) I'm looking for an amazingly incredible photographer to take some Book Cover shots for me in LA.  Know of anyone?
4) Breathe in this quote below.  It is FANTASTIC!

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


First of all, my congratulations on the empire you have created.  Getting to the top of the poultry fast-food business is not an easy task.  From one poultry connoisseur to another, I can appreciate the sacrifices and hard work it has demanded of you and your family as you have worked you way up to the top of the fast food chicken highway.  I find it sometimes challenging to balance the life of 5 hens in my fabulous backyard, I can’t imagine what it’s like in yours.  Similarly, I must admit that S. Truett Cathy’s resume is impressive.  You definitely don’t get to be the 400th richest American or 799th richest person in the world by sitting on your behind and it always means making some tough decisions.

I also want to offer my condolences on your recent loss, Don Perry, the VP of Public Relations.  It couldn’t have come at a more challenging time for Chick-Fil-A. I would like to offer my thoughts and prayers to Mr. Perry’s family and to the Chick-Fil-A family at large.  I’m sure it was a major loss.

Pleasantries and condolences aside.  I don’t normally get political, but I do believe there is some learning that needs to happen around the whole Chick-Fil-A fiasco going on.  I’m speaking of the recent PR storm where you openly admit that you and, by proxy, your organization is anti gay-marriage.  I am a bit disappointed by you and your father’s position on this matter.  I do believe in everyone’s right to their own opinions.  To that end, there is no argument.  What I whole-heartedly take issue with is a morality lesson my mother taught me as a child, “If you don’t have anything nice to say about anyone else, don’t say anything at all.”  This moral question becomes especially important when you are in a position of perceived power or influence.  I believe for individuals with “influence” or perceived power, you have a moral and human obligation to be a bit more cautious with your words in the public arena.   Don’t you agree?

Personally, I would think using your “influence” for good things would ALWAYS be the way to go.  Please remember that words are harmful.  As Mr. S Truett Cathy has penned multiple books of the self-help nature, something else we have in common, you can understand that words of inequality and prejudice perpetuate more feelings of inadequacies, insecurities, and could incidentally cause young Christians, of like-mind to you and your core religious values, to potentially harm themselves or others.  I sincerely hope you have thought through all repercussions beyond just your financials. 

It’s not your feelings or opinions alone that make me disappointed and have rifled up so many feathers (pun intended), it’s the consistent promotion of intolerance, hatred, and bigotry that has everyone up in arm from your disappointing public words to your choice in organization donations.  What you don’t seem to realize is that this is a human rights equality issue, having nothing to do with religion.  In other words, if you removed your religious feelings about the subject, would you still maintain your position on inequality?  Surely between your 57 years and your father’s 90 years of life, you both have learned a great deal about equality and human rights’ issues.  Your father fought in the US army during World War II, survived civil/human rights movements in the 60s and 70s, received various honorary doctorates, founded the WinShape Foundation, and fostered over 200 children over the past 30 years, somewhere along the way you both would have learned that hatred and war beget additional hatred and war. 

On the flip side, peace, acceptance, and harmony always take your farther and higher.  These concepts are the cornerstone ways in which intelligent beings prevail and succeed in the future.  Do you believe that the Curiosity rover is the result of consistent intolerance and hate?  No, it is the dedication to a higher purpose (God, the Universe, what have you) and the constant commitment to peace and understanding that allowed those intelligent beings to spend over 7 years of their life to searching for existence on other planets.

I’m always amazed when individuals call themselves Christians while promoting ideas of inequality, discrimination, and racism.  I thought Christianity was the constant promotion of God’s and Jesus’ unconditional love for humanity.  Am I wrong?  Instead of promoting the negative by giving large donations to similar negative groups, as a Christian, aren’t you supposed to tithe toward those organizations that are consistent with Christian core values?  I am not a Christian.  However, I have had many discussions with good Christian friends.  Also, given the recent terrible attacks in Wisconsin and Colorado, why not take advantage of a sad situation and focus your resources to continue promoting goodness and charity, instead of giving additional monies to groups that promote hatred, bigotry, and homophobia or even put more money into your homeless foundations.  I’m certain they could always use the money.  I simply don’t understand how you have helped so many individuals with your wonderful foundations and yet produce just as much prejudice and negativity in the world.  See, I am a believer in karma and what goes around comes around.  That said, I do wish you the best in all of your endeavors.

Let’s make a deal.  I won’t insult and disrespect you and your family if you don’t insult and disrespect mine, especially within the public arena.  I have a hard time understanding why there is so much hatred, bigotry, and downright supremacy in this world, especially toward gays, not to mention other religions or sub-factions.  I believe it’s because people fear that which they don’t know or understand.  I can guarantee if either one of you had just one close gay friend or family member, your whole outlook might be different.

Based upon your comments in late July, I, personally, will not be stepping foot in any Chick-Fil-A’s, but I never have stepped foot in a Chick-Fil-A to begin with, so I don’t even know what I am or am not missing.   Kidding aside, while I won’t be eating at your establishment, nor any of my gay-friends and family, unfortunately, you are losing out on a great deal of revenue stream.  And, if you think that gay people make up for only 10% of the US Population, rest assured, you are wrong.  We are everywhere.  We come from all walks of life.  We are Jews, we are Christians, and we are here to stay!  We could even be your neighbors.  Out of those 200 children your father has fostered over the years, there is a good chance that about 20-25 of those individuals were gay.  I hope you wouldn’t alienate or turn you back on them (your extended “family”) as you have the millions of gay and gay friendly individuals in the United States.  One more fact, there are more people that support marriage equality for all in this country than don’t.  Thus, your sentiments are already in the minority. 

Marriage equality is coming and will happen whether you agree or not.  It’s just a matter of time.  That said, I have a challenge for both you and your father.  Since I believe with all my heart if you had a gay brother or close family member that were to be gay, you would want them to be treated as equals, right?  Therefore, I offer my close friendship.  In other words, I will be your gay BFF, at no charge, just to help you understand that gay people are the exact same as everyone else.  We are not scary.  I think you’ll find we are actually more fun and more intelligent than your current friends.  I freely offer you my services as a gay bestie.  What do you think?  Give me 6 months and I’m sure I can help you understand more than just the fabulous gay life, as I like to call it.   Additionally, it might create a great PR boost for you too.  Please feel free to contact me at the below number.

Lastly, I just want to reiterate two things: 
1) People with “influence” or perceived power need to be cautious with their public announcements.
2) Please remember that words of inequality and prejudice perpetuate feelings of inadequacies, insecurities, and could incidentally cause young Christians, of like-mind to you and your core religious values, to potentially harm themselves or others. 

To your continued success,
Seth E Santoro
Gay Chicken Enthusiast

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Open Relationships are NOT for Everybody...A Personal Story Part 2

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Last i left you, i had just broken up with my boyfriend of almost four years.  It sucked.  We broke up amicably even though there was a great deal of raw anger between the both of us.  After we broke up, we just did not have any more reasons to be upset with one another.  I'd say, we were doing pretty well during those horrendous months after our break up.  We had a couple dinners with each other, went and saw a couple movies together, and he even saw my apartment.

Fast forward four months later.  It turns out that a good friend of his, who just happened to be an ex-supervisor in his consulting world (so it doesn't really count), moved right across the street from my posh new studio.  I say posh new studio because it was "quaint," which is the NYC equivalent of "tiny," however, it actually had two floor to ceiling windows facing the robust Empire State building.  It was incredible.  The area, which I liked to call it NoFla (north of Flat Iron), technically speaking, was Grammercy with a touch of Chelsea.

Do you wanna guess who told me that his ex-supervisor and I should get together?  Yes, my ex.  

It took several weeks for that handsome older gentleman, J, and I to get together.  In fact, we bumped into each other on the street a few times prior to setting a date.  Mind you, i had always had a crush on him.  Even my ex and i would joke about having dinner with my "crush" when he set up dinner together for all of us.  After weeks of flirty emails back and forth, of which i really thought very little  because i never thought in a million years the "crush" was mutual.  We had an amazing night.  He looked incredible, dressed to the nines, and we had an incredibly romantic night, making out, sleeping, talking, etc...  it was blissful.  We both knew immediately that this could potentially be a problem for my ex.  We pretty much saw each other every night or every other night after that moment.  After about four weeks of dating we found it necessary to tell my ex.  After all, we (my ex and I) were still in that awkward trying to be friends stage and my new boyfriend still worked with him at the firm.  

I got the priviledge of calling and tell him what was going on.  To which, he was shocked and pretty much hung up on me.  I waited one week before i called him again.  He actually sent me a voicemail saying that he requested my presence at dinner the following night alone and he had a great deal to say.  OMG!  My heart stopped.  Uh oh...was he still in love with me?  Was he beyond pissed?  Was he going to bless this union?  Was he going to go nuts on me?  I had no idea what to expect.  Somehow, i knew what was coming.

That day I was anxious mess.  When i arrived, his immediate demeanor was cold a/k/a no hug.  He had ordered a coffee and that's all.  I asked if we were going to order any dinner, to which his response was..."No, this won't take much time."  He continued, "Thank you for meeting with me.  I was completely blown away by your phone call last week...and it's taken me about a week to even process on how best to proceed with this situation.  Clearly, since I still work with J, i will have a separate discussion with him to keep things completely formal and cordial.  However, with you.  I don't know who you are.  And, i want nothing to do with you.  I don't want you to call me, email me, text me, or anything of the sort.  I want you to forget that i have ever existed in your life."

I believe he said all that within one breathe.  Here's where he knew it would hurt.  I had become unbelieveably close with not only his mom and dad, and his entire Spanish family, but his sister and i were bosom buddies.  We either chatted or spoke pretty much every day.  She was my by best friend at the time and he knew it too.

He continued..."I have told my family what you have done and they stand behind me 100% on my decision to cut you out of my life"  Neither my mother or father ever want to hear from you again, but my sister would like to say goodbye.  I don't understand why, but she does.  She is extremely upset about this whole situation, but she is my sister and she respects my opinion and will respect my wishes."

Wow.  I was flabbergasted. No one had ever spoken to me like that before him.  I was definitely crying at this point.  The part about the sister hurt more than anything else.  I realized in that moment that it was going to be a long road to recovery.  It was horrific and so incredibly sad.  I was beyond words.  I really didn't have much to say, except I'm sorry and I had never planned this to happen.  So, that day, i not only lost him, i also lost one of the best friends i had ever had in my life.  She was definitely one of my soulmates in this world.   As J and I continued together, those were some of the saddest couple months of my life...and at the beginning of another definitely put a damper on that bliss.  I really had to mourn their deaths in my life.  And it was pretty much four people, all at once, including his immediate family.  It was a very hard and very sad time in my life.  I felt conflicted too as i was also extremely happy with my new bf.  Life works in extremely mysterious ways, don't you think?

He was a bit harsh in that conversation, but he was angry and i don't blame him at all.  He and J had a very different conversation, however.  It was a high probability that J would theoretically be his boss at a future date.   J made it very clear to my ex that he would not accept any lectures or discussions about his personal choice to be with me, despite whatever my ex might have been feeling.  They would be cordial and he would need to work through his issues outside of the workplace.  J also advised my ex that he could have been nicer to me and hopefully one day he would be able to forgive me.  I wish i could have been there to experience that conversation.  It sounded like a very heated and very forthcoming conversation.  It turns out that they did work together again, and my ex was extremely professional and cordial with J from that moment on.  I, however, am still to this day grow a little emotional when I think about the whole thing.  I don't really miss him, but i do still miss his sister and think about her often.

Look people, i'm not necessarily proud of what i did to was too close to comfort for him and i completely understand and feel extremely apologetic for the poor choice i might have made at the ripe old age of 25.  It clearly didn't need to go down like the way it did.  I live my life without regrets...however, sometimes i imagine if things were different.  And then i think, but i wouldn't be the person i am today...or i definitely wouldn't be in LA, writing three books, etc...  everything happens for a reason.  and i LOVE my life with my bf, my dog Maggie, my now 5 chickens, and 2 baby goats.

The moral of the story...There's a couple.  Don't date anyone that used to be a supervisor of your ex!  Got it?    Next, Revenge or Retaliation sex is never the answer.  Lastly, PLEASE communicate and set boundaries for all sexcapades both inside and outside of the relationship.  I'm sure I will have much more to say about open relationships in the upcoming weeks, so stay tuned.


1)  i guess it could always be worse...i could have ended up like this guy: Fei Lin's Penis Stolen By Thieves via @HuffPostCrime
2)  If you aren't watching the should be.  Just kidding.  30 medals for China, 29 medals for USA...and I'm convinced that all the Chinese athletes beging their training here, then go on and continue their training in China.  So, they get the best of both worlds.
3) Editing on my first book is going a little slower than i had originally anticipated.  Still shooting for 9/25 purchase date.
4) Next week, i will be launching my new's going to be awesome!!!
5)  I have been learning a great deal about my relationship over the past few weeks.  No matter how long you are with someone, they never cease to amaze me.  :)

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