Wednesday, February 29, 2012


You know, at first, i wanted nothing to do with this gay marine kiss.  I thought to myself who cares?  No big deal!  (I want more!!!  Just kidding.  That was for my “Little Mermaid” fans).  When a friend suggested i take a look at it for my blog, i took a closer look.  I guess it is a big deal.

I typed in “Gay Marine Kiss” and 103,000,000 results came up in .16 seconds.  Perhaps there is something to this.  I thought it was a video.  Nope.  it’s just a photo.  A photo that has created quite a FRENZY.  It appears when Sgt. Brandon Morgan returned from Afghanistan to Hawaii and saw his partner, Dalan Wells (who personally looks like he should be in the marines), he jumped into his arms like a giddy school girl and kissed him.  OMG!  So terrible.  :)

On the “Gay Marines” Facebook page alone, this photo has 41,000 likes and 10,000 comments...and has been shared 6,719, now 6720 with my blog.  That’s incredible.  My big question:  Why the Big Gay Frenzy?  And what happened to the Big Lezzy Navy kiss when P.O. Marissa Gaeta kissed P.O. Citlalic Snell back in December, 2011.  I don’t remember hearing about them at all.  Why is that?  Why do you think it is?

Gay people around the United States are proud.  They are proud to be gay.  They are proud that we can now serve openly in the military (although most of us are too self-ish and narcissistic to join the U.S. Marines).  The quickest and most prominent way to share their pride is social-networking baby!!!  Even me.  I am proud, therefore, this issue, this blog, and eventually this book.  I give a big shout of KUDOS to all those openly serving Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual persons serving in the US Military.  And, of course even a bigger shout of KUDOS to the Mili-Trannies serving in the Military.  That must be even more difficult than trying to comb Diana Ross’s 70‘s afro-hair.

On the flip side, people are angry.  People don’t understand gay-ness.  They fear us.  As they probably should, we are kinda taking over the world, one person at a time.  (LOL).  Why is it always the haters that ruin a good thing for everybody else?  Can i literally get an “Amen”!

If my gay-spicions are correct, I bet Ellen will have them on by the end of this week.  Who wants to bet with me?

Given the military’s “official” ban of openly gay peeps back in December, I suppose like every other law passed concerning discrimination over the past 100 years...the same pyscho-socio-political phases occur.  First, the law gets passed, then slowly over time (50 years or so) the bigotry, hatred, and prejudices slowly subside.  Just to name a few:  Women’s Equal Rights, African-American Civil Rights, and now with Gay Human Rights.  In all fairness, this isn’t the case just in the United States, for example, in 1998, the country of Ecuador (re-doing it’s constitution for the umpteenth time) was the 2nd country in the World to write homosexuality as an equal right in its democratic constitution.  Still, given that fact, it still took me 6 months in 1998, when i was 18, to officially come out...and it was the first time in my life that i was concerned for my physical well-being after publicly coming out in one of the best universities in South America.  (That’s a story for another time.)  I believe it could take another 36 years before there is socially-accepted gay marriage in Ecuador. gotta start somewhere, right?  

As i told you before, i have always lived in super gay-friendly places:  Moultonborough, NH, New York, and now Los Angeles.  If roughly 60% of the country are in favor of gay marriage, am i right in assuming that the other 40% must be comprised of 3 groups of people:  1) religious persons; 2) People that have never been exposed to how non-threatening and fun-tastic we really are; and 3) government officials running for re-election who are actually in favor of gay marriage, but reject the bill anyway (no names, Gov. Chris Christie.  Shame on you!  Come on, it’s New Jersey...all the Gays are moving to Jersey!!!).  Can i get an “Amen” up in here.  (For those of you who don’t watch “Ru-Paul’s Drag Race,” you are doing yourself an injustice!)

In closing, cause i’m very mouthy today...1) Be proud of who you are, no matter what the case.  2) Share the love.  Cause lord knows there ain’t enough love in this world...and 3) Share this mo-fo blog with all of your friends and family!

P.S.  In the time, it has taken me to write my blog, there are now 41,300 likes on the “Gay Marines” facebook pic and counting...

Friday, February 24, 2012


It's happening.  Slowly and surely.  One by one, all the states will eventually realize that to deny any person the right to marry any other person is unconstitutional and just plain wrong.

It's such encouraging news.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Welcome Back!!!  I still need your help with comments and/or emails.  Let me know your stories!!!  and tell your friends!!!

TOPIC:  The Second Topic is...
If you are gay, lez, bi, transgender, WHEN/HOW DID YOU KNOW YOU WERE GAY OR UNIQUE?

I am very much willing to go out on a limb and say that 100% of gay people could pin-point a time in their life when they were knew they were "unique" or "different" or attracted to same sex.   AND, i am willing to bet for 95% of them, they knew at an early age...say between 4 and 6. 

I'm curious if my straight fans out there remember the first time they had a crush on another person.  I imagine it was much later than 4-6, AND i am curious if it made such an impact like it does for my gay counter-parts.  Please email me and let me know.

For me personally, I remember everything about the first time i was attracted to a boy.  I remember where i was, what was going on, etc...  I was either 4 or 5.  I know it was around the time of pre-school.  It is actually one of the earliest memories in my life, if not THE earliest memory.  It was late autumn.  (cause i was wearing my fave long sleeve shirt and a jacket in New England).  I remember I was standing outside with a boy from down the street and all i can remember is that I wanted to be on top of him...and i felt something warm and fuzzy down in my pants.  Imagine that!  I had no idea at the time how much that moment would impact or imprint upon me for the rest of my life.  Something inside of me at that moment told me that I was "different" or that I was "unique" from the rest of my class.  Funny enough, my second memory is always bothering the girls during naptime in pre-school...'cause i wanted to talk to them and be their bff.  My teacher thought it was because i was a ladies-man.  Hehe!  What is your story???


Last week, I only received about 5 comments with regard to what it means to be gay.  let's see if i can get 10 this next week.  That would be great.  Then, when you read the book

Thanks so much for your support.  Comment, Email me, Facebook me, Tweet Me, etc...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Welcome Everyone To My Blog.  Yay!   Thanks for being here...

Watch the video up above...please!  I promise to keep it interesting.  it only took me 20 takes.  Just kidding.  This was actually my 2nd take...and i want this to be as natural as possible.

TOPIC:  The First Topic is...
Whether you are straight, lesbian, transgender or gay, WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE GAY?

STATS/FACTS:  (When applicable, i will have fun stats and facts for you.)
Do you know that there is not one definitive study about what percentage of the world or US population is LGBTQ?  The Kinsey Institute's numbers are actually still considered the standard, which is extremely odd given that over 55% of the participants were prisoners, sex offenders, or prostitutes.  Doesn't that kind of make it "skewed" numbers?  See the original findings for yourself:  (

The general public think it's 10%, but that number was also reportedly from the Kinsey Institute.  To me, it feels like 50% of the world is gay...(LOL), only because i surround myself with mostly gay individuals.  I'm sure if i were back home in Moultonborough, NH, that number would be far less.  However, they are as open to it as any other metropolitan city is.  That's where I came out, btw.  That's for later, though.

To Be Gay:  
To me, it means freedom and liberation from the status quo.  It means i am unique.  It means greater responsibility, meaning that all eyes are on me to do greater and better things with my life.  There are no set precendences and/or rules/regulations to conform, therefore I set the rules and boundaries for my life.  It means I get to be the coolest Gay Uncle to all of my nieces and nephews (biological or not).  Since heroes and role models are far and few between in Corporate American or Hollywood (where ever the case may be), i always set the best example because i am the role model.  It means people look to me to set trends (with fashion), create fabulous food spreads, throw fantastic dinner parties, and help friends with theirs.  Oh yeah, and I definitely prefer men over women.  And speaking of women, it means that I can see/touch women's boobies anytime i want.  lol.

I can tell you about 98% of the time i am so happy and grateful that I am gay.  The other 2% (because i'm sure now you are curious now), is when I would want to be a woman.  1% would be because I wanna wear those kick-ass dresses or have the plethora of fashion choices.  The other 1% is when i think about the magic of having a baby.  How cool is that???

% of the US is gay.  I would say roughly 8%.  I believe that 24,000,000 Americans are a member of the LGBTQ community.  What do you think?  Am i off?  Am i right on?

COMMENTS/CONCLUSION/INTERPRETATIONS:  (Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this matter!!! AND You'll have to read the book to uncover the culmination of all thoughts, opinion, etc...)

Thanks so much for your support.  Comment, Email me, Facebook me, Tweet Me, etc...

(This is as long as it will get, i promise)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Are you Ready??? T minus 1 Day...

Hi Everyone!  Tomorrow is the big day.  I am all ready, are you???

Just wanted to re-iterate some things...

Vision:  To inspire the world, one straight person at a time (or anyone for that matter) to better understand gay people from the inside out.

Mission/Intention:  To provoke thoughtful discussions, provide insight into the fantastic and unique gay lifestyle, and to gather research in order to write a NYTimes #1 best-selling book, rooted in truth, integrity, and humour.

How you can Follow:  Click on the link, and to the upper left hand corner, click on "Follow".  Also toward the upper right hand column, it gives you the option to "Follow This Site" and sign in using your gmail or AOL account.  And lastly, sometimes near the bottom of the page, there is a beautiful cursive link entitled, "Subscribe by Email" -- that would be the best.

I am very excited about tomorrow.  Have a great night everyone!!!



Monday, February 13, 2012

T minus 2 days...and counting!!!

Whitney Houston was/is my GAY DIVA.  Did you know all gay men have a GAY DIVA?  Who would be your GAY DIVA?...seriously though...this is another topic of discussion.  I love this blog/book already.

Although i am not terribly surprised by the news, i am terribly upset about it.  Still.

Follow my blog!

Tell all your friends.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

T minus 3 days!!!

One of my topics up for discussion will be: Does every gay have a queer eye? Check out my gay shrimp spread???

Thanks to all those who have joined!!!

Love you all!!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

T minus 4 days!!!

Today, I met some awesome lesbians coming off of a cruise around Costa Rica and Panama. We were discussing one of the chapters of my book:
Gay years vs. straight years?

We all agreed that lesbians are quite distinct in this situation!

My thoughts:
1 gay men year = 5 straight years
1 straight year = 3 lesbian years

What are your thoughts?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hi Everyone!  Here is my dog Maggie, in front of Playa Tortuga, Culebrita, Puerto Rico.  I'm sure she will be mentioned in the blog several she is very important in my life.  Maggie teaches me a great deal of things, i.e... Sleep when you are tired;  Naps are the best thing ever; and always enjoy the beach.  For the past 5 days, we have been doing just that in Paradise.  She is over it.  It's time for her to go home and get moving again in Los Angeles.  And i guess that goes for me too!!!

Back to business...Today, i spent 6 hours collecting and defining the various weekly discussions i will be leading/guiding in this blog.  I have 52+ ideas right now and counting...made some great headway...The idea is to discuss one/week for one year.  You up for it?

Does anyone have any gay clich├ęs they would like me to be aware of???  I'm taking suggestions early!!!  I think i have most of them, but am always searching for more.

Thanks and Please tell everyone about the blog!!!  I appreciate it!  T minus 5 days...

Seth E Santoro.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Starbucks for Marriage Equality!!!

I love this!  Go Starbucks!!!  I have so much to say about marriage-equality.  I cannot wait to speak my mind and receive people's feedback.  The Civil Unions vs. Marriage.  I am very excited and anxious to watch these great debates unfold over the next few years.  I truly believe, one-by-one, within each state of the United States, one person will be able to marry another person, no matter what their gender or preference.  I think it's going to happen sooner than later.

Thanks for listening.  Tell your friends about my blog!!!  I need followers!!!



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Historic Day...

Today with Prop 8 demolished in's only a matter of time, before gays can marry all over the United States.  Yay!!!  This will definitely be a topic up for discussion on this blog...

T minus 8 and counting...

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Your Commitment To Me:  
1) With your support, I ask that you please be interactive, loud, and truthful.  
2) In your voice, I want your thoughts and opinions, however crazy or distinct they may be.  
3) I want your stories.  
4) I want you to practice listening when you don't have ANYTHING to add, AND practice speaking when you have EVERYTHING to add.
5) Be yourself.  Be honest.  Be the best you only you can be.

My Commitment To You:  
1) Each week, I will blog or vlog about a new topic, an old gripe, a taboo subject, or identify a Gay Cliche.  
2) I will always keep my blogs insightful, fascinating, and interesting.
2) I will always keep my blog entries around 500 words or less in order to statistically keep your attention.
3) I will always reply to as many thoughts, discussions, questions as possible.
4) I will from time to time post pics, vlogs, or random images that warrant a discussion.
5) This blog might be tweaked and updated from time to time.  

I should probably warn you that from time to time i make up words.  Stay tuned over the next 11 days as we count down to the official start of the blog.  Tell your friends, your family (even the ones you don't like), and anyone else possible.


Welcome!!!  I am so honored and enthused to have you be part of the journey of writing this book with me.  This book will be "a sort-of straight guide to gay people". 

Vision:  To Inspire the World, one straight-person at a time (or anyone), to better understand gay people from the Inside Out.
Mission/Intention:  To provoke thoughtful discussions, provide insight into the fantastic and unique gay lifestyle, and to gather research in order to write a NYTimes #1 best-selling book, rooted in truth, integrity, and humour.

Possible Sample Chapters/Discussions...

--What are some of the gay cliches out there?
--Have you ever been to a GAY POOL PARTY?
--GAY-NESS runs through our minds in EVERY situation!
--Cheating???  Stepping Out???  Monogamy???  A whole different animal.
--How many feet away is the nearest hawt gay guy?
--Why are gay guys so hawt?
--What is Grindr?  and how it has transformed gays forever?
--How many times did you come out?
--How often a day are you reminded of being straight?

Sound interesting?  please tell your family, friends, and even your frenemies.

Come and play with me!!!  Instructions and Commitments to follow...