Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Wow!  Between Julián Castro, mayor of San Antonio, and First Lady Michelle Obama, I am truly inspired to be an American tonight.  Did you see her midnight blue nail polish?  Flawless.  As much as I would like to go on and on about how much i thought those two were unstoppable tonight, I won't.  Instead I will say if you have a moment, definitely check out their speeches on YouTube or CNN or ABCNEWS.

I believe our nation can be amazing!  I believe our nation can once again be the most incredible and inspirational nation of them all!  If I were an alien that came down to Earth (with complete comprehension of the English language), and I heard the speeches given this evening by those two amazing individuals, I would be intrigued, enthused, and encouraged to meet each and every American.  I would understand, without question, the indivisible truth that the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness is very much alive here in the United States of America.  

Sometimes, i'm not always proud to be an American, especially when certain Americans give other Americans a poor name.  I always demand more.  I always exemplify better.   I don't know about every other American, but I strive, on a daily basis, to always be better, always work harder, and always be more compassionate to everyone in this world.  Let's be honest, the world needs a shitload of compassion.

I believe that when the forefathers of this nation declared their independence from the Brits in the late Eighteenth Century, they believed that we ARE created equal, all of us.  Did you hear that?  All of us.  No matter what your religion, race, sexual preference, gender identity, etc...  They knew then, at that point, over 225 years ago, that in order to advance, we need to stop augmenting the divide, and instead celebrate our similarities.  As we relish in our likeness, together we can conquer whatever comes our way.  Remember, united we stand!

I am constantly re-invigorated by the passion and life energy within human beings all around me.  At the same time, i am constantly baffled by the sadness and hurt for human beings all around me.  For this reason, i have a great mission in front of me as well as a challenge for the rest of you.  My vision is to Inspire the World, one by one, To Smile From The Inside.  I wholeheartedly invite you to do the same.  You are a fantastic person and it is your responsibility to spread the passion, love, and life energy that exists within you.  


1)  On Wednesday, I am taking my book cover shots for my upcoming book, "How I Learned to Smile From The Inside" and I could not be happier...and i gotta admit, i'm a little nervous.  :)
2)  When was the last time you inspired someone else to smile?  If you have to think about it, do it now!  Do it tomorrow!  Do it ASAP!
3)  I don't know about you, but I am a great deal prouder this week being an American than i was last week.  I was very disappointed last week by the RNC.  Anyone else?

A Smile From The Inside Production :)

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  1. Watching both conventions, it has dawned on me that the Democrats (so far) and the Republicans are talking about two very different countries. No matter how you slice it (and I can give the benefit of the doubt until the cows come home) Republicans do not envision the inclusive American dream in which we each give a little of our abundance to ensure opportunity is maximized for all, for the collective good. Republicans will pay the price for draining our national treasury with massive tax cuts skewed to the wealthiest and with unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; a four-decade long political strategy of race-baiting meant to consolidate support from voters who would support Republicans against their own economic interest; their war on the poor; their misguided opposition to health care reform and DREAM Act policies that THEY originated and once championed as conservative solutions (!); their zealous, bitter and hateful exploitation of homophobia for political gain; and for their embrace of the xenophobia that began with California Governor Pete Wilson's embrace of the anti-immigrant Prop. 187 twenty years ago. The America most of us (regardless of party or politics) love and would sacrifice our lives to keep free was not described at the Republican National Convention. It was described by Julian Castro and Michele Obama. One day, the GOP will re-join the rational conversation about what it means to be an American. Until then, we vote to move FORWARD. I'll be glad on election night to put an end to the political career of Millard Mitt Romney.