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Have you heard?  Mike Seaver (a/k/a Kirk Cameron) was interviewed by Piers Morgan on or about March 2, 2012.  Some of you may remember that cute, young Kirk Cameron became a devout-Jesus follower shortly after the show ended, most likely in a solemn effort to prevent him from destruction...unfortunately, like too many other childhood actors :(  Either way, Christianity, at its base, is about love for all, even the "sinners" -- which is everyone.  (Even Jesus, i mean, i have my doubts...a 32-year old man, that's a virgin, please!!!)  I digress.  Just to be clear, this is not a discussion about religiosity and gay-ness.  That's for a later topic.  This discussion is about having a celebrity voice and using it to blatantly belittle and insult an entire section of the American people.  Can i get an Amen?  (Have you checked out RuPaul's Drag Race yet?)

It became very clear, very fast that Kirk Cameron is not the awesome, liberal kid we all grew up with on tv.  I am actually saddened by his words.  In the interview, he stated:  "Homosexuality is unnatural, detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many foundations of civilization."  It's clear to me that Kirk Cameron has Not Grown up Yet... (Snippet of Interview)

I think Piers Morgan was as shocked as everyone else is right now.  Piers continued the conversation and Kirk went on to say many things about his anti-gay feelings on Gay Marriage and if his kids came out gay.   As Kirk continued to speak, it become glaringly aware that out of his 6 children, 1-2 is probably gay.  Uh-oh, Kirk.  Lord knows i always thought you were gay!   And for their sake, i hope you, Kirk, have some major Growing Pains prior to that day.  I am so disappointed in you, Kirk Cameron.  You should be know better.  Having grown up myself watching Growing Pains, a television show which demonstrated DIVERSE issues facing a modern day family in the late 80s/early 90s, i am shocked he didn't learn better.

The unfortunate thing is, if roughly 60% of Americans are in favor of gay marriage (Huff Post metric), then there are roughly 40% that are against it.  Those 40% are composed of 65+ agre group as well as Tea Party-ers (NBC News/Wall Street Journal Gay Marriage Poll).

He says he's a Christian man.  I think that's a cop out to hide behind your religion.  I know plenty of Christians that also believe in Gay marriage.  First of all, i believe that it is our jobs as human beings to create and promote peace and acceptance to all. I"m sure that you would all agree with me, right?  He says he has a passion for all people and peace.  I say Bull Shit.  Where am I going here?  I'm not quite sure.  To be honest, i do believe in the freedom of speech.  My point is:  I believe when you are a celebrity, you have even more responsibility to use that stardom for the betterment of society, not the furtherment of bigotry and discrimination.  Do you agree?  Or am i expecting too much???

I am happy to report though he has received quite a great deal of slack...Kirk Cameron Controversy.  i do secretly love that if you type in "Kirk Cam" on Google, the second hit that comes up is "Kirk Cameron Anti-Gay".  In his shoddy defense, Kirk made a statement that we should all be be able to debate these things with "greater love and support".  What type of Love and Support is he showing with his comments???  And he uses the word, "Tolerance"?  I really hate that word.  I TOLERATE my dog parking from time to time.  I TOLERATE the fact that I do NOT have a huge walk-in closet.  I TOLERATE that straight men wear those silly Hawaiian shirts on all vacations and I don't make a big deal of it.  The word is "ACCEPTANCE".  Clearly, Kirk is not even that advanced to accept people as they are.  

The response to his interview with Piers, have gone viral and have been defended vehemently by even his co-stars.  GLAAD has barraged their front page with messages from his Tracey Gold.  My favorite though is MSNBC's response to the craziness:  Who's in Worse Trouble...Limbaugh or Cameron?

I mean, really, what do we care what Kirk says anyway...if you look at Kirk Cameron's IMDB page, he's a washed-up has been.  He should take a lesson from George Clooney and Brad Pitt!  Coverage on CBS News and Huffington Post.

I know this was supposed to come out tomorrow...i was very upset about this...and needed to blog right away.  I consider myself to be a very patient, inspirational, and encouraging person.  I am beyond passionate about inspiring the world, one by one, to accept everyone else.

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