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TOPIC:  The First Topic is...
Whether you are straight, lesbian, transgender or gay, WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE GAY?

STATS/FACTS:  (When applicable, i will have fun stats and facts for you.)
Do you know that there is not one definitive study about what percentage of the world or US population is LGBTQ?  The Kinsey Institute's numbers are actually still considered the standard, which is extremely odd given that over 55% of the participants were prisoners, sex offenders, or prostitutes.  Doesn't that kind of make it "skewed" numbers?  See the original findings for yourself:  (

The general public think it's 10%, but that number was also reportedly from the Kinsey Institute.  To me, it feels like 50% of the world is gay...(LOL), only because i surround myself with mostly gay individuals.  I'm sure if i were back home in Moultonborough, NH, that number would be far less.  However, they are as open to it as any other metropolitan city is.  That's where I came out, btw.  That's for later, though.

To Be Gay:  
To me, it means freedom and liberation from the status quo.  It means i am unique.  It means greater responsibility, meaning that all eyes are on me to do greater and better things with my life.  There are no set precendences and/or rules/regulations to conform, therefore I set the rules and boundaries for my life.  It means I get to be the coolest Gay Uncle to all of my nieces and nephews (biological or not).  Since heroes and role models are far and few between in Corporate American or Hollywood (where ever the case may be), i always set the best example because i am the role model.  It means people look to me to set trends (with fashion), create fabulous food spreads, throw fantastic dinner parties, and help friends with theirs.  Oh yeah, and I definitely prefer men over women.  And speaking of women, it means that I can see/touch women's boobies anytime i want.  lol.

I can tell you about 98% of the time i am so happy and grateful that I am gay.  The other 2% (because i'm sure now you are curious now), is when I would want to be a woman.  1% would be because I wanna wear those kick-ass dresses or have the plethora of fashion choices.  The other 1% is when i think about the magic of having a baby.  How cool is that???

% of the US is gay.  I would say roughly 8%.  I believe that 24,000,000 Americans are a member of the LGBTQ community.  What do you think?  Am i off?  Am i right on?

COMMENTS/CONCLUSION/INTERPRETATIONS:  (Let me know your thoughts and opinions on this matter!!! AND You'll have to read the book to uncover the culmination of all thoughts, opinion, etc...)

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  1. I may be the only one, but I came out of that wanting to know just how much lower that percentage is back home in good 'ol M-boro, NH (aka, Small-town, USA)! Well, we've got at least 2 card-carrying members of Rainbow Nation right here out of that seam-bursting population, so whaddya think 1%, 2% up there? Anyways, letting you know I'm psyched for this blog AND for you! Congrats! <3

  2. Dede - love you...and it's probably about 3% in Moultonborough... Thanks for the support.

  3. I feel like I have a boring and very non thought provoking response for this post, but I'll share it anyways. :) To me, being gay is having the capacity to fall in love with a person who is the same gender as the gender you identify with, and only that gender.

    I honestly don't know what it means "to be gay." As someone who comes from a background of "being gay is a sin," I was very sheltered from ever interacting with anyone who may have been gay while growing up. Being a straight mom of six children, who attends church regularly, living in the middle of suburbia, I am hardly the type of person that draws in the few gay people that may be around me.

    However, my kids have this kick ass Uncle Seth, who they absolutely adore and unfortunately, has the responsibility of being the only gay person they know. Fortunately, I couldn't have asked for a better friend to hold that responsibility.

  4. I'm sure that M-boro is home to several people that are not living the lives their heart/and or sexual parts are telling them to. Just saying.

  5. What it means to be gay should mean absolutely nothing in an ideal world -- one in which individuals are valued for just being people irrespective of their identity. The reality is, of course, much more complicated than that and appears to vary by one's value system, culture, and peers.