Wednesday, February 22, 2012


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TOPIC:  The Second Topic is...
If you are gay, lez, bi, transgender, WHEN/HOW DID YOU KNOW YOU WERE GAY OR UNIQUE?

I am very much willing to go out on a limb and say that 100% of gay people could pin-point a time in their life when they were knew they were "unique" or "different" or attracted to same sex.   AND, i am willing to bet for 95% of them, they knew at an early age...say between 4 and 6. 

I'm curious if my straight fans out there remember the first time they had a crush on another person.  I imagine it was much later than 4-6, AND i am curious if it made such an impact like it does for my gay counter-parts.  Please email me and let me know.

For me personally, I remember everything about the first time i was attracted to a boy.  I remember where i was, what was going on, etc...  I was either 4 or 5.  I know it was around the time of pre-school.  It is actually one of the earliest memories in my life, if not THE earliest memory.  It was late autumn.  (cause i was wearing my fave long sleeve shirt and a jacket in New England).  I remember I was standing outside with a boy from down the street and all i can remember is that I wanted to be on top of him...and i felt something warm and fuzzy down in my pants.  Imagine that!  I had no idea at the time how much that moment would impact or imprint upon me for the rest of my life.  Something inside of me at that moment told me that I was "different" or that I was "unique" from the rest of my class.  Funny enough, my second memory is always bothering the girls during naptime in pre-school...'cause i wanted to talk to them and be their bff.  My teacher thought it was because i was a ladies-man.  Hehe!  What is your story???


Last week, I only received about 5 comments with regard to what it means to be gay.  let's see if i can get 10 this next week.  That would be great.  Then, when you read the book

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  1. Ok, so last week I had little to add, being a straight women, but this week I can contribute.

    I wouldn't be so quick to think that the gay experience is SO different. I had a crush on a little boy in my pre-school class. My daughter had a crush on a little boy in her pre-school class. That little boy had a crush on her too. Pre-school seems like a common time for people to have their first crush.

    I also think most people remember their first crush, gay or straight. It is the first time you get outside of yourself. Until then, you are fairly self-centered. Mom, Dad, siblings, your whole experience revolves around you. Having a crush on someone outside of you family is often the first time you care about someone who may or may not care about you. I whether or not they care, their behavior does not revolve around your needs and wants. That is noteworthy for everyone.
    Not only do I think that is the same for straight and gay people, I think that feeling of vulnerability and separateness is the same for everyone.

    I would guess that it is later, when people who are not straight realize that their attraction is outside what the world expects of them, that the experiences diverge.

    I understand that there is more to being gay than just being attracted to the same sex. It is an identity and culture difference. That said, I caution you not to make assumptions about the straight experience, the same way you wouldn't want straight people to make stereotypical assumptions about the gay experience.

    Love you tons! Good luck with this. I promise to contribute when I can.

  2. Right on...BostonA. Thank you for your insights...i will no longer make assumptions about straight people...gotcha!