Saturday, February 4, 2012


Welcome!!!  I am so honored and enthused to have you be part of the journey of writing this book with me.  This book will be "a sort-of straight guide to gay people". 

Vision:  To Inspire the World, one straight-person at a time (or anyone), to better understand gay people from the Inside Out.
Mission/Intention:  To provoke thoughtful discussions, provide insight into the fantastic and unique gay lifestyle, and to gather research in order to write a NYTimes #1 best-selling book, rooted in truth, integrity, and humour.

Possible Sample Chapters/Discussions...

--What are some of the gay cliches out there?
--Have you ever been to a GAY POOL PARTY?
--GAY-NESS runs through our minds in EVERY situation!
--Cheating???  Stepping Out???  Monogamy???  A whole different animal.
--How many feet away is the nearest hawt gay guy?
--Why are gay guys so hawt?
--What is Grindr?  and how it has transformed gays forever?
--How many times did you come out?
--How often a day are you reminded of being straight?

Sound interesting?  please tell your family, friends, and even your frenemies.

Come and play with me!!!  Instructions and Commitments to follow...

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